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Scientific Hooliganism by Lilly Ryan, Free Software in City of Casey and the Gnews, Free Software Melbourne 21/7/2016

Unfortunately we had some recording problems and lost a good chunk of Lilly's speach - sorry Lilly! Thankfully Lilly will also be presenting the talk at a couple of up-coming conferences, so we'll try to link to a conference video.

“Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?” —Glinda the Good Witch; The Wizard of Oz

In the drive to bring software quickly to our devices, and to lock it down so its users have no legitimate access to it, who is motivated to verify the security of the software we rely on for our communication and identity?

In 1903, Guglielmo Marconi prepared to unveil his world-first, long-distance wireless communication technology to the Royal Institution in London. He was looking forward to roaring success — but he didn't count upon falling victim to the first crack in history.

Over a century later, the tech industry is still repeating Marconi's mistakes.

Lilly Ryan, a software developer and digital rights activist, joins us at this month's Free Software Melbourne meeting, with the topic of Scientific Hooliganism: What we can learn from the first hack in history.

Come to talk with Lilly about claims of security, software freedom, and what security cracking means for the technology we all use.

We will also discuss the latest Gnews, and our involvement in the recent City of Casey budget for software. Then we'll head out for dinner and continued chatting in North Melbourne.


7 years, 10 months ago

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