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Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death

About the Speaker

Dr Morgan Leigh lives on a farm in sunny Tasmania where she ponders the ontological status of cyberspace and raises tasty animals. She is a pagan theologian, farmer, virtual world developer, and has a tragic science fiction addiction. Morgan's work centers on the ontological status of the remixes we call reality.

Having pondered about cyberspace a lot, she did a PhD about it. It’s called Virtually Real: Being in Cyberspace. It's all about how things that happen online aren't "just games" or "not real" or "only code", but are real, actual things that people really care about and that affect the meatspace world.

Morgan is deeply concerned about copyright and its destructive effect on our society, especially in the academy. She even has a theological argument against it! Ask her, she'll tell you all about it. She thinks current copyright law is a destructive illusion that we can't afford to entertain.


3 years, 7 months ago

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Software · Freedom · Day · 2020 · Talk · Convienence · Death · Melbourne

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Software Freedom Day 2020 (Free Software Australia)

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